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Mourning Dove Meaning And Symbolism

Introduction :

The word ‘mourning’ often brings to mind the pain of losing a loved one, but the mourning dove carries a different, more uplifting connotation. This bird is seen as a spiritual messenger of faith, love, and peace. When a mourning dove coos, it is believed to bring positive energy and spiritual messages.

Spiritual Symbol of the Mourning Dove

There are several Biblical stories about doves, and the mourning dove holds various spiritual meanings, particularly that of hope. It is believed that seeing a mourning dove signifies the visitation of a deceased loved one, providing encouragement and comfort.

Some people believe that the mourning dove is a messenger of God, angels, or spiritual guides. Let’s explore the different interpretations of the mourning dove.

Interpretations of a Mourning Dove

  1. Sign of Peace While historically associated with the white dove, the mourning dove also symbolizes peace and love. The white dove’s association with peace is partly due to its color, which signifies harmony. Regardless of color, doves have long been symbols of peace and love. The First International Peace Conference in Paris in 1949 popularized the dove as a symbol of peace.
  2. Presence of Loved Ones A popular belief is that when a dove mourns, it signals the presence of deceased loved ones. This presence means that our loved ones want us to be happy and motivate us to face life’s challenges.
  3. Symbol of Long Life in China In China, doves symbolize long life and consistency because they pair for life. Doves frequently appear in art and design to convey messages of love and longevity.
  4. Good Fortune for Africans In African traditional stories, the dove symbolizes help, hope, and good fortune. One famous story tells of a woman and child saved from starvation by a dove that brought them seeds daily, eventually reuniting them with the woman’s lost husband. This story embodies the African belief that good things come to those who need them.
  5. Romance in Greek and Roman Mythology The Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus, both symbols of love, are often depicted with doves. In the Middle Ages, doves became symbols of love, and this association continues today, especially on Valentine’s Day.

What Does it Mean When a Dove Coo?

The cooing of a mourning dove has various interpretations. Some see it as a call to seek and find inner peace, while others view it as a direct message from God. It can also signify the beginning of a new life or the end of troubles. The soft cooing suggests that loved ones are watching from heaven, sending powerful energy. Like the white dove, the mourning dove represents love and divine protection.


The mourning dove holds a significant place in various cultures and traditions, symbolizing peace, love, and faith. This spiritual messenger of God should be appreciated and regarded as a positive sign. The next time you hear the cooing of a mourning dove, remember its comforting message and embrace the peace and love it brings.

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