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How To Find Out How Someone Died? | 9 Ways To Find

How to Find Out If Someone Has Died

It’s never easy to discover that someone has passed away. Asking directly can be awkward or uncomfortable due to personal relationships. Thankfully, there are various online methods to determine if someone has died. Here are a few tips on how to find out how someone died.

Online Obituaries

Check the obituary section of your local newspaper or a genealogical society. You can also search online. In smaller towns, the local newspaper or mortuary website often posts online obituaries.

Social Media

Social media is another place to look for information. You might find contact details for friends or family who could share information. Sometimes, friends and family post memories and updates on their social media profiles. If the profile is private, this method may not work.

Visit The Website of a Local Place of Worship

Check the website of a local place of worship, like a church, mosque, or synagogue. They might have posted the obituary. If you’re unsure where to look, search for websites listing funeral homes in the area where the person lived or died.

Talk to a Family Member

Talking to family members can provide insights into what happened. They can share details about the cause of death and other relevant information. If discussing the topic feels too emotional, approach the conversation gently and respectfully.

Use a Search Engine

Type the person’s name along with keywords like “obituary” into a search engine. Including other details such as family members’ names, location, or occupation can help narrow the search results.

Check Local News Websites

Local news websites often have obituary sections. You can also look on family members’ social media pages, as they might have posted the news. Consulting local sources like newspapers or the county clerk’s office can yield more information.

Visit the Person’s Gravesite

Locating the person’s gravesite can confirm their death. This method is helpful, especially if the person died a long time ago. Online obituary databases and social media accounts can also provide confirmation.

Visit the Local Courthouse

For genealogists, the courthouse in the county where the person lived can provide valuable information. Probate courts have records of wills and estates. There may be a small fee for searching records or making copies.

Check Newspapers

Searching newspapers can be a good way to find death records. If you don’t know where the person died, search both the newspaper’s website and general online search engines. Contact the newspaper directly for more information.

Check Archive Websites

Start your search with archive websites. Visiting an archive facility in person can be free, and staff are often available to assist with older death records.

Tips on How to Find Out How Someone Died

When searching for information about a deceased person, keep these tips in mind:

  • Respect: Respect the deceased, their family, and their right to privacy.
  • Death Reason: While you may find out when a person lived, it can be challenging to determine how they died. Families might be willing to share this information.
  • Use a Premium Search Service: For faster results, consider using an online search service.


Use these methods to find out how someone died without being invasive. Remember to take the time to grieve if needed, and know that the deceased was loved by those close to them.