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Guide To Funeral Flowers: Color, Arrangements, And Types

Unique Funeral Flower Arrangements: Types and Their Significance

Turkish growers shipped 1.5 million carnations for the Queen’s funeral. Yes, unique funeral flower arrangements at funerals are a big deal today. Flowers have a language of their own such as what color rose do you put on a casket describes the person and helps you grieve. It is because of the significance it gives based on the type of funeral flowers they are.

When people attend funerals, flowers often help calm and comfort those in attendance. There is no better form to express your condolences to the departed family than through flowers. It is because every flower has a specific meaning it inhibits, based on which people decide whether what color flowers for funeral can be used at the funeral. It adds a sense of warmth and beauty to the event too.

Although certain misconceptions about funeral flower arrangements follow, a significant rectification follows, thinking the flowers of your choice will always be available. Thinking about the best funeral flowers will only flourish in an arrangement if expensive only. People also assume that the process is inexpensive as you can purchase a general item.

There are two reasons people opt to pay respects through floral arrangements to the deceased. The first is to pay your condolences to the family, friends, and the departed; the second is to state how you express your emotions to the family about the person with various types of funeral flower choices. You can make it by arranging in a sympathy bouquet form that pays heed to how the deceased are well described.

Funeral Flowers

With funerals being a self-explanatory event in itself, the types of funeral flowers used to brighten up the room will distinguish a lot. Sure there are many flowers out there with a variety beyond compare. But to find specific types of funeral flowers that match the taste of the deceased’s preferences and suit the funeral makes the difference. Some people use live plants in their combination of arrangements as well.

There is a difference between standard flower arrangements and funeral flower arrangements. A typical flower arrangement is lively and bright. In contrast, a funeral flower arrangement creates a soothing environment for those around them. These unique funeral flower arrangements give out that sensation due to their arrangement combination. The colors of the flowers play a huge role in it too.

Here are most of the types of funeral flowers used in unique funeral flower arrangement settings:

  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Daisies
  • Dried Floral & Pampas Grass
  • Lilies
  • Mixed Bouquets
  • Orchids
  • Sunflowers
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Hydrangeas
  • Heliconia
  • Gerberas
  • Gladioli
  • Poppy
  • Irises
  • Orchids

Note: These flowers will signify different meanings based on their color. Hence when picking any of them out, especially for a funeral service, check up on your facts.

What Color Flowers Should You Send for a Funeral?

Most of the colors that one can send to an appropriate funeral will be ones that help spread the feeling of calm and sympathy. Flowers that are white, red, pink, yellow, purple, or blue will suit just fine as their meanings also will pay fine respects to the deceased.

Let’s face it, when we think of flowers, many of us think of roses, so what color rose do you put on a casket that appropriately suits it? While the choices are available at a variety, make sure you pick what speaks to you and the deceased.

The best roses to put on a casket color-wise would be white, red, and yellow. Most roses signify their personality type; for example, the white rose means innocence and purity of the deceased, showing they represented a graceful personality.

The red rose is for you and the deceased; it represents the affectionate qualities they expressed as a person and how thankful/grateful you are for them being a part of your life. The yellow rose signifies the joy and wisdom the person spreads in your life, but it also shows the loyalty and friendship you have for one another.

Types of Flowers for Funerals

What is the most popular flower for a funeral? Most of the flowers used at funeral services are the ones that give a sense of a calming oasis.

Specific colors would be white flowers of any type, from carnations to lilies, as long as the arrangement you present them in is representable/unique. Just remember to make your funeral flower etiquette immediate family is represented specifically for a funeral environment and not bold/loud colors that represent a date flower arrangement style.

Most flowers at funerals are either of the same type or a combination. But what are funeral flower arrangements called? They are known as funeral bouquets. There are many types of funeral bouquets out there, but how do you know which will suit a particular deceased individual’s preferences? So here is what color flowers for male funeral and females.

For a male funeral, most of the time, it would prefer a traditional funeral basket of red, white, and blue. This combination cannot go wrong as it involves all the sympathy flower colors. For a female’s funeral, feminine and pastel shades such as lavenders, yellows, pinks, whites, and so on would suit. All these shades will also help describe the person, so if you know the deceased very well and have a particular preference, you can make custom bouquets to honor their memory.

While most funeral bouquets get made, certain misconceptions follow them. It follows thinking the flowers of your choice will always be available. Thinking about the best funeral flowers will only flourish in their arrangement if expensive only. People also assume that the process is inexpensive as it is a general item that one can purchase.

Types of Floral Arrangements for Funerals

How would you design the flower arrangements for a woman and a man? Most think there would not be a difference between them. But when psychology differs between women and men, why wouldn’t preferences vary too? Hence, there is a specific color combination based on what color flowers for male funeral vs. a female funeral. One can use some classic funeral bouquets to ensure they will be appropriate for the setting. Still, it would be better if you knew the deceased’s preferences under the floral category, if any.

What Kind of Flower Arrangement is Appropriate For a Funeral?

Many times, flower arrangements for funeral services tend to get overwhelming. With the choices of flowers and arrangement options one has, it can get tricky. What type of flower arrangement is appropriate for a funeral and what color flowers for funeral are common questions. With arranging a funeral, this burden is not necessary- so we have made the arrangement descriptions and the flower meanings for you to make life easier.

Types of Funeral Bouquets:

Classic bouquet: This floral arrangement combines flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, etc. If you know what the deceased person liked under preference for flowers, then make a custom bouquet in honor of them, giving the funeral service an emotional connection. The basket will be designed and arranged to surround the casket, with some capable of surrounding tables/stands.

Sprays: There are two spray flower arrangements; a standing spray that stands upright by placing it on a tripod or easel. A casket spray is similar but lays on top of the casket. The purpose of this is that one can keep it on the casket as a personal touch and that they are paying their condolences to the deceased from different people.

Funeral basket: It resembles a floral basket but is smaller in size. It has simpler flowers with a simple cut to it as well. A funeral basket will do just right if you consider a sympathy flower gift to pay your condolences. The combination can be altered according to your taste or asked by experts to assist in picking the flowers out as well.

Crosses: It is simple to a wreath’s style but is self-explanatory as it resembles a cross or a crucifix’s flower arrangement. It is placed near a casket for support or on a stand to make it come to its arrangement. Mostly given to children to place on the casket and based on the deceased’s wishes, a funeral flower etiquette immediate family is followed.

Wreaths: A wreath floral arrangement is commonplace at most funerals and comes in a circular or sometimes heart-shaped arrangement. Wreaths symbolize eternal life and are most often displayed at the funeral on an easel stand by the casket. They usually are delivered to the funeral home and taken to the burial site.

Garlands: Garlands are similar to a wreath’s structure. It has a structure used to hang around the deceased in certain cultures. It is because of its rope-like floral arrangement that it carries.

Hearts, stars, and circles: With the shapes being self-explanatory, it can cause no further confusion. Circles are the typical and classic flower arrangement used by all funeral services. The rest represent continuity for paying their respects to the respective families and friends grieving their loss.

Funeral floral art: This is a unique funeral flower arrangement that one should order to get at a funeral service. This funeral floral art takes place at the center stage. An artist prepares it through various depictions—for example, shapes such as hearts, flowers, colors, etc.

Flower Colors and Their Meanings

What color flowers for funeral would you use that represents the deceased? Many people are unaware that flower colors hold their meaning. Like how paintings signify a specific art in their depiction, flowers speak volumes, too, with the combination you pair them up aside. Hence here are the meanings of the colors through funeral flowers for better creation of funeral bouquets.

  • White – White signifies purity, solace, and innocence. Many people wonder which is the most popular type of flower for a funeral service- funeral services take in any white flowers for these reasons.
  • Red – Red signifies gratitude, strength, and beauty. It can help lighten the mood of the funeral as well.
  • Pink – Pink flowers express softness and sympathy through them. Pink is a color used in the sympathy flower arrangement often.
  • Yellow – Vibrant yellow/orange flowers help people remember happy memories they shared with the departed. If you want to celebrate their life at this opportunity and remember them for who they are, then these flowers work perfectly.
  • Purple – Purple shows dignity and pays respect. Michaelmas Daisy is a purple flower that means “farewell, I will miss you,” making purple a good funeral flower to bid your goodbyes to your loved ones and deceased.
  • Blue – Blue helps express your most profound and saddest condolences for the deceased and their family. It signifies wishing them well future-wise to heal from their loss.


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