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40 Retirement Best Wishes And Ideas


Entering the golden years of your life feels rewarding and challenging simultaneously; after all, there are good and bad sides to all parts of life. The most significant change accompanying these years is retirement: the end of one’s career. If you know anyone around looking forward to their retirement, check out these 40 Retirement best wishes you can send them:

For Coworkers

Let your colleague know that you think about them and appreciate their work. As their coworker, you have to express that their efforts have made work-life easy for others.

  1. Many congratulations on your retirement! Thank you for being an excellent coworker to all of us!
  2. It is a pleasure to see you retire, especially knowing how much you deserve it! Try to kick back and make the most of this new era in your life!
  3. Best wishes for your retirement and the newly achieved freedom! I wish your life a bounty of health and happiness!
  4. The office will not be the same without you, but we wish you many years of happiness and freedom in your life.
  5. I wholeheartedly thank you for being a helpful, compassionate, and excellent coworker. Now, it is time for you to relax and enjoy your life on your terms!

For Friends

If one of your friends is entering the retirement stage, show them your appreciation and care. Retirement can be a happy and anxious time, so express that you will always have their back in all circumstances.

  1. Finally, you have all the time to yourself. May you take as much rest as you want and eat all the tasty food.
  2. Very happy retirement to you, my friend! I hope you will spend some of that unlimited free time with me too.
  3. Retirement does not indicate old age; it just means you have worked hard enough to deserve a lengthy vacation. Congratulations!
  4. After all those years of non-stop hard work, you deserve the most stress-free retirement! Enjoy your vacation, friend!
  5. Life takes a new, exciting turn when you retire! I am so happy that your time is finally in your hands; I hope you have the healthiest and happiest years ahead.

For A Boss

A kindhearted, hard-working boss is a blessing for employees; it is hard saying goodbye to a good superior. Leave your best wishes for their new life and express your gratitude towards them.

  1. No more meetings or KPIs will consume your life anymore! Your time is all about your wishes and aspirations now. Congratulations on retirement!
  2. We will miss having your guidance in our lives, but we wish you good luck for your wonderful vacation years.
  3. I sincerely wish you a retirement full of satisfaction, happiness, and endless relaxation!
  4. May you be blessed with all the good things in your hard-earned retired life; I will ensure to make the most of your guidance. Thank you!
  5. Best wishes on your hard-earned, unlimited vacation! I hope you will remember us and visit us someday. Congratulations!

For A Partner/Spouse

The retirement of your spouse is an exciting occasion for the whole family. People have more time to devote to their loved ones after retirement; celebrating such an occasion with the family is a rewarding experience.

  1. Your retirement is a blessing for the whole family, and I cannot wait to spend this new chapter of life with you.
  2. Your work is the best example of your achievements, but now it is time for some relaxation. Congratulations on your retirement, my dear.
  3. Let us use this time to bond and explore new things, now that the years of working hard are past us. Happy retirement, my dear!
  4. As your greatest supporter and fan, I hope to help you make the best of your retirement. Congratulations!
  5. I am so proud of everything you have achieved in your life, and I cannot wait to cheer you on as you enter this new era of life.

For Parents

As children, we must thank our parents and express gratitude for their efforts. Their retirement is an excellent time to reconnect and bond over old memories.

  1. Thank you for working so hard for me. I hope I can do my best to help you enjoy this new chapter in your life.
  2. You have been the best role model in my life, and I hope to live up to your standard of hard work, dedication, and grace in my life. Congratulations!
  3. I am so happy that you have finally retired from a life of hard work. I hope I can make you proud too.
  4. You have taught me that hard work never goes to waste. Thank you for leading me by example, and please accept my best wishes for your retirement.
  5. I promise to make your retirement the happiest period of your life. You deserve this vacation for having provided me with an excellent life.

For Family Members

It is closer to maintaining ties when someone takes a significant turn in their life. If some other family member is going through retirement, congratulate them.

  1. I have never left motivation in my life, thanks to your hard work and dedication. Hopefully, you will enjoy your retired life to the fullest.
  2. You deserve every second of this vacation! I cannot wait to see what you do in your retired life.
  3. After years of hard work and dedication, you have finally become the boss of your life.
  4. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone in your life. I hope life blesses you with several healthy and happy years.
  5. People say that retirement is the time to rest, but it is a chance to live happily. Happy retirement!

Extra Statements to Brighten Someone’s Day on Retirement

  1. You don’t need to “act your age” when you retire. Kick back, have fun, and stay happy.
  2. I hope you have fun on your retirement trip. We will miss you!
  3. Congratulations on 30 years of a remarkable career! Now, it’s time to enjoy your life!
  4. Congratulations on entering a new phase in your life. Happy retirement!
  5. You have worked hard your whole life. Now, it is time to do what you love! Happy retirement!
  6. Seeing you retire fills me with pride. I hope you fulfill all your wishes.
  7. Sending my best wishes for your retirement vacation. I hope you make the most of it.
  8. Your work and dedication have inspired all of us. We all wish you a happy retirement.
  9. You have dedicated 30 years of your life to this amazing job. Now, it is time to devote your time to your hobbies and happiness.
  10. Retirement is the perfect time to explore your interests and hobbies. Best wishes!


We see people retiring all the time around us; sometimes, they are our family members, colleagues, friends, parents, etc. People officially become senior citizens and look forward to enjoying the rest of their life in peace. They no longer have to endure the struggles of the 9 to 5 work life, due to which they can revisit their old hobbies, friends, and family members.