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20 Thank You Messages You Should Send Your Best Friends


Our life would be pale if not for the company of our dearest friends, would it not? Whether it’s to listen to your grievances, spend quality time together, or offer you advice, good friends will always be there for you when things become rocky and chaotic in your life. Our dearest friends, who are inseparable parts of our lives, in good times and bad, deserve every bit of our gratitude and thank-you messages.

We often save our appreciation messages for special occasions, like a thank-you message for birthday wishes our friends make on our birthdays. But in truth, they deserve our appreciation more often. Acknowledging your friends and families for their effort will warm their hearts with gratitude. Taking a moment from tied-up daily life to send an emotional thank-you message to friends will make them feel loved and appreciated.

How do you say Thank You to Your Friends?

We feel grateful to our friends and best friends for their unwavering support in our life. But we often fall short of words to say thank you and show appreciation. Some may find it hard, but it is never too much to send a simple thank-you for being my friend message.

There is no hard and fast rule on how you must thank your friends. Some may prefer a long paragraph text message or a letter, while others prefer sending a simple thanks message. It is okay to appreciate them in whichever way you feel is suitable as long as it is sincere.

As kids, we make a lot of friends. Some grow apart due to a lack of communication, while others grow into our best friends. So, how to choose appreciation thank-you quotes for your friends? This article lists 20 beautiful messages to make you feel less burdened about how to appreciate friends in words.

Sample Thank-You Letters to Friends

Sending an old-style letter or postcard is the best way to let your friends know your thoughts. You can fill them with grateful thank-you quotes for birthday wishes and memorable photographs. Here are a few samples that will unfailingly convey your emotions to your friends.

  • “I thank God every day for you. You are irreplaceable in my life. Simply put, you make everything bright as a sunny day. To be with you is a privilege for me. I want you to know how much your existence means to me and how thankful I am to have you every day in my life.”
  • “I thank you for putting up with my childish antics. Even though I can be challenging to deal with sometimes, you stayed without judgment. I’m aware that you’re so over my melodramas. Yet, you never gave up on me. Despite my flaws, you continue to love and understand me. I always thank you for your support.”
  • “I love how you don’t let the distance between us ruin our friendship. Despite living thousands of miles apart, you are still my true friend. You have remained my constant through everything. Even if we don’t always speak, I’m confident you will forever be my closest friend.”
  • “I enjoy you just being you and the beautiful soul you are. This letter would never end if I were to tell you about the list of things I am grateful to you for because there are certainly a million things. Thank you for your encouragement in every step of my life. Words alone will fall short of describing how special you are.”
  • “Thank you for the well wishes and for giving me your time. I believe a person’s most precious gift that they can give to anyone is their time because you can never take it back. Yet, you always give me that. I’m deeply thankful for it and know I am always there for you.”

Funny Thank-You Messages for Friends to Make Them Smile

What are friends for if we don’t get to pull their legs? These messages are for friends who have a funny bone in them.

  • “Being able to talk to you is exceptionally relaxing. After all, I don’t need to contribute much. LOL. I adore how you always have so much to say. You brighten the whole room. Talk as much as you like, em… maybe not more than what you already do. Joking, always be the way you are.”
  • “It baffles me that you continue to be my best friend despite knowing every idiotic, embarrassing, and explicit detail of my life. If I paid you a cent every time you saved me from my troubles, honestly, you would be a millionaire by now. I appreciate you serving as my unpaid therapist.”
  • “Honestly, do you have a degree or something in picking up gifts? Do you never fail at making me look bad about picking gifts? Thank you for birthday wishes and fantastic presents. Thank you for being so annoyingly perfect.”
  • “Being friends with you, who already knows all of your skeletons in the closet, is difficult. Remaining your friend is no longer an option for me; it is now necessary! Oh, all the good things I do to make you look good. Relax, I am kidding. Thank you for always having my back.”

Short Thank-You Messages for Friends That Would be Great for Text Messages

No amount of words or appreciation thank-you quotes is enough to show gratitude to our friends. However, it’s good to let them know that we appreciate them.

  • “How can I ever thank you enough for all the little things you do? You are the best.”
    If you are wondering how to thank your best friend for everything, this one-liner thank-you message for appreciation will do the trick for you.
  • “I am the luckiest person to have you as my best friend. What would I have done without you?”
    It is a short yet thoughtful thank-you message for birthday wishes and gifts your friends send your way with love and care. It is one of those perfect emotional thank-you messages for birthday wishes.
  • “I am over the moon about the gift you have sent me! Thank you, I love it.”
    Instead of sending a simple “thanks for birthday wishes” text, consider sending this thank-you birthday message to family and friends that feel much more quirky.
  • “You guys don’t forget a single birthday, do you? Thank you all for the birthday wishes.”
    If you are wondering how to thank a friend for their support, this short appreciation message is definitely for you.
  • “I am grateful to have you in my life. I couldn’t have done it without your support.”
    Each of our friends is unique, and this short message will perfectly complement them and convey a thank-you for being my friend message.
  • “Thank you always for being you. I adore you, my friend.”
    How do you say thank you to your friends? Friends bring colors and happiness to your life. Send this short message and let them know that life is anything but dull without them.
  • “Thank you for making my life so full of fun and eventful. My life would be dull without you.”
    Our friends go out of their way to help, protect, and let us know we are loved. How do you write a thank-you message to friends who feel like family? Send this message and let them know that they are family.
  • “They say friends are extended family, and you guys are living proof. Thank you for being an awesome family.”
    It is one of those “thank you quotes” kinds of messages. You can send it to a friend who is a kind soul whom you cherish unconditionally.
  • “Thank you for being the kindest person I have ever known. You are the rarest kind of gem.”
    Our friends always cheer for us on whatever journey we decide to make. They give us all the courage we need to leap. This message will let them know how much their support means to you.
  • “Thank you for always being my biggest fan. You are all the courage I need.”
    This is a heart-touching thank-you message for your best friend. You can send this to let them know how special they are.
  • “Thank you for choosing me as your best friend. Thank you for being my constant.”


We cannot imagine our lives without our friends. They are our constant partners in crime. If not for our friends, wouldn’t our life be exceptionally boring? But how often do we thank them for being there through thick and thin? It may be a thank-you message for birthday wishes or thanking them in a way to annoy them even. This article lists 20 different appreciation messages for your friends. Go ahead and let your friends know how grateful you are to have them.

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