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20+ Quotes About Being A Survivor


Being a survivor is a feat that takes courage, determination, and constant hard work. Generally, we see survivors being inspirational, but they had to overcome their pain and trauma to reach that point in their lives. So if you or someone you know is going through trying times, these quotes will help with inspiration.

Quotes About Survivors and Survival

  1. “You recognize a survivor when you see one. You recognize a fighter when you see one.” – Elizabeth Edwards
  2. “I’m a survivor – a living example of what people can go through and survive.” – Elizabeth Taylor
  3. “You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset.” – Dave Pelzer
  4. “Laughter is the evidence that we’re still here, the proof that our tragedies will not define us forever. Laughter is the language of the survivor.” – Josh James
  5. “Being a survivor doesn’t mean being strong – it’s telling people when you need a meal or a ride, company, whatever. It’s paying attention to heart wisdom, feelings, not living a role, but having a unique, authentic life, having something to contribute, finding time to love and laugh. All these things are qualities of survivors.” – Bernie Siegel
  6. “The feat of surviving is directly related to the capacity of the survivor.” – Claire Cameron
  7. “Survival can be summed up in three words, never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying.” – Bear Grylls
  8. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve
  9. “A survivor is someone who was once a victim like you and through time and healing was able to move forward.” – Karen Williams
  10. “Being a survivor, then, is making peace with the catastrophe and its wake.” – Thomas L. Underwood
  11. “I am a survivor and not a victim. Life isn’t perfect. When you get a knock, you have to get up, dust yourself down and get on with it.” – Patsy Kensit
  12. “You survived the abuse. You’re gonna survive the recovery.” – Olivia Benson
  13. “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” – Rikki Rogers
  14. “I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” – Brené Brown
  15. “Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong.” – Sarah Dessen
  16. “Just because I can’t control what life throws at me doesn’t mean I can’t control how I handle it.” – Devin Duncan
  17. “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined.” – Rumi
  18. “You can get used to anything – haven’t I already said that? Isn’t that what all survivors say?” – Yann Martel
  19. “During chemo, you’re more tired than you’ve ever been. It’s like a cloud passing over the sun, and suddenly you’re out. But you also find that you’re stronger than you’ve ever been. You’re clear. Your mortality is at an optimal distance, not up so close that it obscures everything else, but close enough to give you depth perception. Previously, it has taken you weeks, months, or years to discover the meaning of an experience. Now it’s instantaneous.” – Melissa Bank
  20. “I define a survivor as one who goes through a number of trials, beats the odds of endurance, and emerges victoriously to talk about their experiences. If that is what a survivor is, perhaps I do qualify.” – Susan Kaye Behm
  21. “The truth is that being a survivor often simply comes down to being alive. Being your own star witness to the ending that is always inside you. And being considerate to all those who came before.” – Mark Yakich
  22. “If you can survive this ride, you can survive anything.” – Nancy Gatlin
  23. “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” – Epicurus
  24. “In the dark times, if you have something to hold on to, which is yourself, you’ll survive.” – Whoopi Goldberg
  25. “A survivor is someone who lives over and beyond the trauma of their abuse. It communicates the hope of moving beyond the pain of the past and is an attempt to shape a new narrative and tell a new story.” – Anne Miller


These quotes serve as a testament to the resilience and strength of survivors, offering inspiration and comfort during difficult times.