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15 Empowering Songs To Lift You Up


While there are many selfish people in the world, most of us genuinely care about the well-being of others. But in our efforts to make everyone around us happy, we often overlook something crucial—our own happiness.

Self-love is essential. You can’t expect others to enjoy your company if you don’t enjoy it yourself. Finding the motivation and confidence to believe in yourself can be tough, but sometimes, all you need is the right song to feel empowered. Music has a unique way of lifting our spirits and reminding us of our worth.

Creating a playlist of empowering songs can help you appreciate your life and recognize the positive impact you have on those around you. You’re never as unimportant as you might feel. The people around you care for you, and these songs will remind you of that.

When making your playlist, consider the songs we recommend below, but also include those that are personally significant to you. With so many songs out there, narrowing it down to 10 or 20 can be daunting. Here’s a list of 15 empowering songs to get you started on your journey to feeling motivated and positive.

  1. My Way (Frank Sinatra)
    • This timeless classic is about living life on your own terms and being content with the life you’ve led.
  2. I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
    • A karaoke staple, this upbeat anthem is perfect for expressing resilience and strength.
  3. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey)
    • This inspiring song encourages you to hold on to youthful optimism and faith in life.
  4. Good Riddance [Time of Your Life] (Green Day)
    • Despite its seemingly unfriendly title, the song is about cherishing every moment.
  5. Feeling Good (Michael Bublé)
    • Bublé’s version of this classic, with its orchestral accompaniment, adds a dimension of freedom and badassery.
  6. I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack)
    • A reminder to embrace life’s challenges with courage and a fresh start.
  7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole)
    • This enchanting song, with its simple ukulele and beautiful lyrics, brings a smile to anyone’s face.
  8. We Are The Champions (Queen)
    • An iconic anthem of triumph and glory, perfect for celebrating victories big and small.
  9. The Show Must Go On (Queen)
    • Written by Freddie Mercury during his battle with AIDS, this song is a powerful testament to perseverance.
  10. Stronger [What Doesn’t Kill You] (Kelly Clarkson)
    • Overcoming hardships and painful experiences makes you stronger, a core message of this empowering song.
  11. What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
    • An uplifting song that never fails to instill hope, celebrating humanity’s redeeming qualities.
  12. Brave (Sara Bareilles)
    • An anthem for those fighting through illness or any tough battle, encouraging bravery and strength.
  13. Forever Young (Rod Stewart)
    • A song dedicated to Stewart’s children, highlighting the importance of learning from mistakes and staying youthful in spirit.
  14. Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin)
    • With its iconic whistle and simple lyrics, this song is perfect for lifting your mood and weathering tough times.
  15. Happy (Pharrell Williams)
    • This chart-topping hit from the Despicable Me soundtrack is all about spreading happy vibes.


Creating a playlist of these songs can serve as a daily reminder of your worth and the joy you bring to others. Celebrate your life and the positive impact you have on those around you with the power of music.