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10 Celebration Of Life Party Ideas To Help You Plan


Bidding the last farewell to a loved one is always difficult and painful. Maybe that is the reason the celebration of life ceremonies are becoming popular. Instead of a sorrowful, teary-eyed farewell, friends and family are choosing to celebrate the life of the departed soul, a final celebration to honor the deceased.

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The goal of a celebration of life ceremony is to honor the deceased. Spending the day doing stuff that they might have enjoyed. Every celebration of life ceremony is different, as it caters to the interest of the deceased. There is no right or wrong way to host this event. As long as it is meaningful.

We have some celebration of life party ideas that might help you plan a memorable send-off with your loved one.

Keep the Event Intimate

To keep an air of intimacy in this last farewell, here are some ideas:

Celebrate with a Tea Party

A perfect send-off for your grandmother, aunt, or even mother would probably be something as cozy as a tea party. It is an opportunity for loved ones to gather for tea or high tea to remember the deceased. You can include their favorite flowers, tea, and more while planning this event.

Celebrate with a Book Reading

Books, friends, and family could have been the favorite things of the deceased. If the deceased was someone who used to be an avid reader or hosted a book club, it would be a great idea to host a book club gathering. Even if you were not a member of a book club, you can host a gathering while reading out some of the favorite poems or stories of the deceased.

Celebrate in a Garden

If the deceased had a green thumb or loved the garden, it would be a great idea to host an intimate gathering in the garden. You can share your favorite memories with others, sing songs, and more. You can also have a tree-planting ceremony to commemorate the death of your loved one.

Host a Picnic

Picnics could be a fun way to host a celebration of life ceremony. You can host this event at your local garden or picnic spot. Incorporate some games and activities that the deceased enjoyed. Plan some of their favorite picnic foods and drinks. You can recollect memories and share little stories from your experiences.

Celebrate with the Community

If the deceased was a significant member of the community, it would be a pleasant idea to celebrate their life with the community they served.

Celebrate Outdoors with BBQ

This might be the perfect way to celebrate the life of your grandfather, uncle, or even father. If they were always outdoors or manning the grill, a BBQ is a great way to commemorate their memory. You can ask your friends and family to bring a side dish along while following the deceased’s favorite recipe and process for the meat. You can also play a game of catch or any outdoor game while sharing stories about the deceased.

Plan a Sports Tournament

If the life of the deceased revolved around sports, you can host a small tournament with the community to honor them. Host a tennis, golf, swimming, basketball, tournament or a cricket, rugby, or football match in their honor. You can host this event at the community sports center. You could name the trophy that the winning person receives after the deceased.

Plan a Remembrance Ceremony

A remembrance ceremony is more on the formal side of events. You can host this event in your local community hall or a banquet hall. You can plan an agenda for the day. It can include where people give speeches regarding the deceased, sing songs, light a candle, observe a moment of silence, and more.

Host a Potluck or Lunch

Throughout centuries, food is the one way that communities have come together after the death of a person. You can organize a luncheon at your local church and community centers. Multiple community centers help organize and clean during these events.

If you want to avoid the hassle of cooking and cleaning and want to share your time with friends and family, a potluck is a perfect way to do so. Invited friends and family can bring over a dish and build a sense of community and togetherness.

Celebrate with a Fancy Party

If the deceased was someone who enjoyed planning parties or was the life of the party themselves, throwing a grand party could be like the last hurrah before bidding them goodbye. It doesn’t matter if the party is big or small as long as people are present. You can host this at a banquet hall, community hall, and more and celebrate with music and dance.

Plan a Trip

If the deceased had a favorite spot that they always visited or always wanted to visit, you can plan a trip to that destination. It can be a small group or an open invite. Plan a destination to meet and plan a small gathering depending on the location.


Saying goodbye is never easy, but celebrating and remembering their lives helps us feel closer to them one last time. There is no right or wrong way to plan a celebration of life ceremony.