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Hacker & Quantum Resistant, MPC Powered Self-Custody Vault for seed phrases crypto keys Passwords Confidentia Information

Digital Inheritance Solved!

You don’t need to leave your digital assets behind


of crypto asset owners worry about losing their assets.

4 million

Organize & pass-on all online accounts, critical documents, and cherished memories to people you trust and love.

$250 million

Gerald’s unfortunate passing resulted in a loss of $250 million along with his crypto passwords forever.

$321 million

Stefan lost over $321 million worth of Bitcoin because he lost his password.

Our State-of-the-Art Security

Unrivaled Security Measures:

Our advanced security measures employ a range of proven cryptographic algorithms, including AES-256 Encryption, Shamir’s Secrets Algorithm, Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman algorithm (ECDH)

Multi Party Compute (MPC)

MPC ensures hacker and quantum resistance by distributing computations across multiple parties, safeguarding data even in the face of adversarial attacks or quantum computing threats.

AI Powered ID Validation

AI-powered biometric ID adds an extra layer of security by leveraging AI to analyze and authenticate users’ biometric characteristics captured in real-time videos, enhancing the accuracy and robustness of the identification process.

Unbreakable Secrets Vault

Designed for those who prioritize uncompromising security for their digital assets with a host of proven cryptographic algorithms, AI powered biometric ID validation, MPC multi-party compute and more.

Comprehensive Digital Inheritance

Secure your digital legacy and ensure a seamless transfer of your vaults to your loved ones. Families can enjoy peace of mind knowing they can instantly access digital assets through our digital inheritance solution.

Security is our top priority

Blockchain Powered Trusts & Directives

Create digital asset directives, designate your trustees, beneficiaries and asset distribution choices. Storing the hash of the directives on blockchain offers advantages such as immutable and tamper-evident records, enhanced transparency and accessibility, streamlined verification and authentication processes, and increased security against unauthorized alterations.

Attorney-Assisted Digital Estate Planning

Safeguard Your Digital Legacy with Professional Expertise. Our team of experienced legal professionals specializes in securing your digital legacy, providing comprehensive guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of digital assets, ensuring clear documentation, legal enforceability, and addressing legal requirements, privacy concerns, and digital asset management.

Centralized Hub for Efficient Trust Administration

Our Trustee Portal is a secure and user-friendly platform designed to streamline trust administration processes and enhance communication between trustees, beneficiaries, and other key stakeholders. With our intuitive interface and robust features, managing trust has never been easier.

Beneficiary Portal

Centralized and secure platform to access critical information about your inheritance. Stay informed, collaborate easily, and have peace of mind.

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Learn From Fellow Experts

Expand your professional network and thrive in our exclusive Discord group for legal experts in the estate industry. Exchange insights, gain valuable knowledge, and foster growth through discussions, shared experiences, and collaborative learning.

Commonly Asked Questions

The estate laws haven’t caught up to the crypto market yet, making it difficult to deal with them when the time comes. Creating an estate plan ensures your family doesn’t face agony and frustration in the long run and keeps your crypto assets from being lost forever. doesn’t hold your crypto assets in any form. We do not hold them nor do we have access to them. Only the asset owner has the power to enroll and recover their secrets.

Secrets Vault is a self-custody and recovery solution for Secrets and Keys used to access digital assets. The first release is focused on protecting and recovering BIP39 seed phrases for software and hardware crypto wallets.

Unlike other advertised personal crypto security solutions, we secure and recover these Secrets WITHOUT taking your Secret and encrypting, splitting, and distributing pieces to your friends and family’s mobile devices to safeguard!

Secrets Vault harnesses’s patent-pending service that uniquely combines the power of multiple proven cryptographic algorithms to split “secrets” in a distributed recoverable way and ensures no single person or service holds any of the secret splits.

We leverage a customer’s trusted network of people or devices to create Recovery Agents for any Secret or Key without anyone but YOU, and YOU ALONE, having access to the Secret or Key to access your crypto.

We don’t store secrets anywhere. Not on your device, not in the cloud, not with Recovery Agents
Crypto Will ensures your wealth will be passed on to your loved ones according to your wishes and helps make the probate process easier.
Crypto Will is an online will specifically designed to help you write your wishes regarding your crypto assets with ease.

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