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The AI Partner Every Estate Attorney Needs!

Enhance your estate planning practice with a well-trained conversational digital assistant

Effortless Client Screening:

Unproductive Consults? Unqualified Meetings? Last-minute Cancellations?

Allow our AI engine to handle client engagement, pre-qualification, prioritization, scheduling, and preparation. By doing so, you can save time and boost your billable hours effectively.

Broken System!

You went to law school to practice law, not to chase down leads, confirm appointments, or sift through tire-kickers. Yet, here you are, losing billable hours to admin work, no shows, and bad fits.

Purpose-built AI Engine

Captivating Visitor Interaction

Our well-trained engine captivates visitors in interactive conversations and gathers pertinent data.

Smart Prospect Categorization

Instantly categorize visitors into high, medium, and low value with our highly trained engine.

Streamlined Scheduling

Our intelligent scheduling engine will prioritize high value prospects and avoid low value misfits.

Comprehensive Metrics

 Unlock a new era of reporting with our pioneering detailed multi-dimensional reports, delivering attorneys an unparalleled level of insights never accessed before. Revolutionize your understanding of the funnel and elevate meeting preparations to unprecedented heights.

Efficient Meeting Readiness

Enter each consultation armed with a concise summary of the client's requirements, eliminating the need to navigate blindly.

Empower your decisions with precision. Your prospects, your data, your metrics. Seize control of your time and drive success with informed insights.