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A Secure Way To Protect and Pass-On Your Crypto & NFT Assets
Most comprehensive smart contract-based estate plan to protect your crypto and digital assets from hackers, loss, and potential threats.

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Protect your digital assets, today.

Secure your peace of mind, forever.


of crypto asset investors worry about losing their assets after they die.

$1 trillion

is the estimated worth of the new asset class– Crypto & NFT assets.

4 million

Bitcoin (BTC) has been lost over time and now sits in inaccessible wallets.

Crypto & Digital Asset Distribution Made Easy

Does your cryptocurrency exchange not deal with deceased accounts?

Create your Crypto Will, designate your beneficiaries for your crypto assets in 60 seconds.

Do the people you trust know what to do with your internet accounts when you're no longer around?

Crypto Legacy enables your heirs to have authorized access to your online accounts.

Struggling to gain full control and flexibility over your digital assets?

Retain control and flexibility while keeping your seed phrases and private keys secure. No custody required.

Unable to find the perfect tool to transfer your digital & crypto assets?

With Crypto Legacy, create a smart contract-powered estate plan that transfers your assets to your designated beneficiaries.

Core Features of Crypto Legacy

  1. Aggregates Assets
    Passes on wallet keys regardless of where assets are stored
  2. Provides Full Control
    Easily manage beneficiaries and trustees while retaining autonomy
  3. Streamlines Inheritance
    Adapts to global and local inheritance laws while keeping assets secure

Why Choose Us?


Crypto Legacy, powered with 5 pending-patents, AUGMENTS the traditional Estate Planning with a SMART Contract based LEGACY PLAN for digital assets


Crypto Legacy offers a simple and secure way to protect and pass on your Crypto or NFT and all other digital assets to your designated nominees.


Our solution offers Instant digital inheritance that eliminates uncertainty, saves time, money and avoids years of agony and legal entanglements